This page serves as a means for providing back-channel communication. Of course, it’d be great to have folks comment directly on the items I’ve posted in the blog area, but some folks might want to engage in a discussion outside of those items. So, here are two mechanisms for doing so.

  1. Send me an e-mail message at John [at] JohnWillsLloyd [dot] com. Yep, you’ll need to retype that address, substituing punctuation for the words in brackets and eliminating the spaces.
  2. Drop a comment in the space provided on this page.

Alternatively, of course, one can visit my business Web site:

5 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi John!

    Thanks for the kind words about Betty! I enjoyed reading your blogs as well. I could have really used your chigger info last May!


  2. paul

    Hi —
    It would be of interest to you to see the article in the Moulton, Texas paper dated april 10.2008 in the moulton Eagle paper on page 8. Someone killed one of these animals!! The PETA organization or/and humane society should be aware of people just killing these animals. If they are rare they should be protected!!!!! What kind of Barbians live in Texas!!!

  3. Hi, Paul. What animal was killed? Was this in reference to another post on my blog?

  4. chris


    Thought you might be interested in this letter concerning the system used to count the votes between perriello and Goode…

    Could be the main reason all the totals changed….???

    Click to access vrav2sbe.pdf

  5. Dear John,
    I hope we see you and Pat at the CLAW Smackdown tomorrow night (11/11). I know you have held off until now, but this may be your last chance to witness the ultimate battle of the fierce women and the fiercest of all, our Under the Table Empire.

    Rosie the Wrist Twister

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