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Apple’s Human Family Ad

I understand that advertisements are brief, so the iPhone ad by Apple featuring Maya Angelou’s marvelous “Human Family” had to be limited to 60 sec. Ms. Angelou’s poem runs 105 sec. So, of course, some parts of the poem had to be cut. Well, here’s a link allowing you to hear Ms. Angelou reading the poem in it’s entirety. Sorry. No photos shot on an iPhone or anything else. Just the the elegant, excellent words in her beautiful, more-alike-than-different, human-family voice.

Most readers will see the Apple advertisement without my help.


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there’s something odd here

I didn’t authorize an advertisement on the post shown in the image shown in this post. At least, I do not recall having done so, and I can’t find records for such ads among my records. This is the second time I’ve noticed that ads appear with posts on my personal blog (this one). I authorize ads on some of my special ed blogs (e.g., Behavior Mod), but not here.

The ads only seem to appear when I view the site from mobile devices (this image is a screenshot from my iPad). Does anyone know why? How? Who (other than Google) is making $$? Are they illusions that only I see? (See the advert for some company’s CMS enhancements at the bottom.)

Screen grab of advert on a post

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