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Apple’s Human Family Ad

I understand that advertisements are brief, so the iPhone ad by Apple featuring Maya Angelou’s marvelous “Human Family” had to be limited to 60 sec. Ms. Angelou’s poem runs 105 sec. So, of course, some parts of the poem had to be cut. Well, here’s a link allowing you to hear Ms. Angelou reading the poem in it’s entirety. Sorry. No photos shot on an iPhone or anything else. Just the the elegant, excellent words in her beautiful, more-alike-than-different, human-family voice.

Most readers will see the Apple advertisement without my help.


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Duluth Trading

This will not become the All-Dan-Neil-All-the-Time blog, but another column of his, “Duluth Trading’s Radical Form Of Marketing: Honesty,” pushed me over to the Web site of Duluth Trading. Both the column and the work-clothing company’s Web site merit a visit.

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Advertising public morality–Is gay O.K.?

Dan Neil, one of my fav newspaper writers, has a great take on a flap about advertising and not advertising controversial ads on the Super Bowl mini-minutes. It’s about an ad for a gay-curious Web site, mancrunch:

The most subversive part of the Mancrunch.com ad is not its open acknowledgment of gay life, or even its portrayal of two guys kissing — and kissing for comic effect, much like the Snickers Super Bowl ad of two years ago that caused a flap. No, the ad’s real transgression is to imply that football-loving straight men, the sort who high-five after touchdowns, might under the right circumstances act out sexually with another man.

No Coming-Out Party For Super Bowl.

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HB, Mac

Made on a Mac

Even though it was apparently released 15 December 1983, on this date in 1984, Apple introduced the Mac. I bought our first one the year of the Mac Plus, 1986. I still own it. Link to the earlier post commemorating the Super Bowl advertisement announcing the introduction of the Mac. Learn lots more from Mac-History.net. See, also, “Making Apple 1984 Macintosh Commercial Ridley Scott Inteview” and Steve Jobs’ keynote introducing the Mac ad to the faithful.

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Jim Payne for MS House

My former colleague, Jim Payne, is running for elected office in Oxford, Mississippi (US). He’s a candidate for representative of District 12. There’s quite a Web site at http://jimpayne.org/. His TV spots are a hoot. Someone’s posted them on YouTube; here’s one:

UPDATE: Jim didn’t win the seat.

In the race for State Representative for District 12, incumbent Republican Noal Akins beat Democrat and former dean of the Ole Miss School of Education Jim Payne, 2,183 votes to 1,358 votes.


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