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Bring more that just your Irish family

In case you’ve missed it, an entire country will be holding a referendum on marriage equality. Nope, this is not just nine old jurists in Washington, DC, USA. It’s The Republic of Ireland, a bastion of battles between religious groups, and Ireland actually is leading the way here. The question will be put to the electorate 22 May 2015.

Polls show widespread support of the initiative, but will the voters turn out to endorse it? The Belongto organization (BeLonG To— BeLonG To Youth Services; they have lots of different capitalizations!) developed another marvelous spot in its series of LGBT supporting spots. The one shown here encourages folks to vote “yes” on the initiative.

In a story in the Guardian entitled Irish voters to decide on same-sex marriage in May referendum, Leo Varadkar, a minister of the government came out and encouraged a positive vote. Additionally, in a separate story in the Guardian, entitled Irish voters keep campaigners guessing as gay marriage referendum nears, Henry McDonald reported about Irish people of note (the Irish drag artist Panti, whose real name is Rory O’Neill, and Pat Carey, who was once a whip in parliament) who also supported a “yes” vote.

The BBC reported on this process in November of 2013.

All of this is worth reviewing, I’d say. But see if you can watch the YouTube clip without getting a little emotional.


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Admiring Mr. Sam

Dear Michael Sam,

I don’t follow American football—let alone college American football—with the great passion that many people do in my neighborhood or my country. But I do know enough about it to understand that, as a football player, your declaration of your sexual orientation will be met with a lot of passion by people. I fear that the passions many people will express will be thoughtless, heartless, and worse (if that’s possible). I am glad that you will have supporters.

I admire you for pre-emptively standing before all those people and saying, in effect, “Here I am.” Continue reading

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On teens, bullying, and gay bashing in Iowa

Are teen bullying and gay bashing events in Iowa typical or an aberration? I haven’t had the time to research it closely and compare data in a state-by-state fashion; that’ll have to wait. But, consider the following list.

  • Jan 2014: News sources in Des Moines (WHO-TV 1 and WHO-TV 2; KCCI; Des Moines Register) reported that 16-year-old Nathan Rogers suffered multiple facial injuries from a beating he suffered around New Years Eve at the hands (literally) of several other teens, who have been charged with felonious assault. Continue reading

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Thanks, Jeanne Manford!

Jeanne Manford, the founder of Parents and Friends and Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), died 8 January 2013. She showed a lot of us the way. It’s a sorry time, because she was such a pioneer. As PFLAG says, “It is with great sorrow that we share with all of you the passing of PFLAG’s founder, Jeanne Manford.”
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Sir Charles on gays in the locker room

On 17 May, Washington Post columnist Mike Wise published a report about an interview he conducted with Charles Barkley in which Mr. Wise described Mr. Barkley’s views about the unnecessary focus on sexual orientation in professional team sports. According to Mr. Wise, “Charles Barkley is sick and tired of hearing how the sanctuary of the locker room is not ready for a male athlete in a major team sport to come out to his teammates, how awkward everyone would feel after they heard a teammate say, ‘I’m gay.'”
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Here’s to these presidents

These folks have got some out-and-out strength! Here’s to them!

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DADT passage

As much as I regret that anyone anywhere has to perform military service, I am glad that my elected representatives in the US government have voted to ensure that such service is not conditioned on a person’s sexual orientation. Thank you, Rep. Perriello, Sen. Warner, and Sen. Webb for voting to repeal H.R. 2965, the “Dont Ask, Dont Tell Repeal Act of 2010.”

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