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Vi Hart’s superb analysis of “Happy B’day”

At the beginning of her analysis of the lyrics and music of of the familiar song, Vi Hart refers to recent news by saying, “So you might have heard that you can sing ‘Happy Birthday’ without getting sued….” That’s just the beginning. Click here to watch the video and learn a lot.


The image is linked, but if you’d prefer, here is a direct link.



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Thm Lone Bellow moved to a bigger venue

So, The Southern isn’t capacious enough to hold the crowd that will greet The Lone Bellow. Thm folks’ show sold out in a few days and now it has been has been moved to the Jefferson.

I snagged more tix. Friends are coming to town for it.

Thm’ve surrounded themselves with wonderful musicians on the albums and videos. Check “Fake Roses” for an example. So, I’m really looking forward to this event. I want to see what band they bring with them and their wonderful voices (harmonies) and whether thm and their band can get me out of my seat.

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Thm Lone Bellow

It took me many months (like until just today) of listening to and watching videos of performances by The Lone Bellow to realize that I didn’t know the names of the band members. What! Who are thm?

I’ve been listening to them while I work. I’ve hummed their songs while I drive. I can sing along when I watch the many variants on their YouTube channel. A couple of songs have been ear worms from time to time.

I’ve been telling people about this group that blends their voices together so well. I’ve bought tickets to see them perform in March. I’ve told people to watch for when the come on tour in their neighborhoods.

But, wait! Who are they, individually? Well, in addition to the content on the site I noted in the first paragraph, one can always consult the Wikipedia entry. But I realized tonight that, after this intense romance, I didn’t know the names of these folks.

In a way, who cares? They’re a band, a troupe, a happy, non-threatening gang; a choir who play instruments, too. Some energetic singer folx…. And we’ll see them at the all-ready sold-out show at the Southern in March!

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Report from Hippiedom circa 2013

In case you folks didn’t realize it, a history train from my youth pulled through nearby Nelson County last weekend. I was only there for 50% of the time (sorta like my youth?), but I didn’t see you, so I thought I ought to report about the experience. Perhaps you can amplify….

It was called “Lock’n Festival” but before that it was called “Interlocken Music Festival” and in some dreams it might have been called “Bonnaroo Virginia” or “Bonnaroo Reinvented” or “Woodstock” or even the “Griffith Park Love-In” or “Summer of Love” or something like that. At least, I suspect the promoters hoped that’s what would happen (but without the free soup kitchens and with a lot more capitalistic success).
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Ahh, Brubeck

As the 1950s turned to the 60s, my family wound up in southern California. Our parents got a stereo, and my brother Frank and I started snagging records from lots of sources (nearby stores, Columbia’s record club, and more). We bought 33 rpm LPs, which were a departure from our elder siblings’ purchases, which had been 45 rpm recordings.

Some covers of the Brubeck et al.  33 rpm LP albums

Some covers Brubeck et al. 33 rpm LP albums

CL 1397 “Time Out” by the Dave Brubeck Quartet was one of the big hits we bought on our subscription from Columbia. Oh, we got the Kingston Trio, the Lamplighters, Barbara Streisand, and a host of other artists available through the catalog at that time. But we played the Brubeck album a lot. And when subsequent albums became available, we bought them.
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Yay, grads!

clip from xkcd
Randall Munroe’s take on
post-secondary majors.

Over on XKCD (one of my all-time-fave cartoons), Randall Munroe has done it again. He’s produced another marvelous interpretation of the state of the world. Just while I’m finishing up the review of my students’ final exam work and am looking forward to commencement exercises, he’s rendered a cool commentary about higher education that comes flitting through my experience like a butterfly…or is it shooting through like a meteor…or cannonball?

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We’re playing around

Here we are, on a Friday afternoon. We are tired of grading papers…. We’d rather be playing music.

Not really. We’d rather be going to see the show at The Southern tonight. It’s the Acorn Sisters and Jim Waive and the Young Divorcees! Remember to bring donations for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.

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