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Body Armor with School Spirit!

You know how important it is to be safe, right? With so many U. S. states enacting laws to permit guns on college campuses, folks might consider body armor…and why not body armor with a little school spirit? “Protect your student body!” Body armor emblazoned with the names of state universities of states promoting campus carry laws. What could be cooler? StudentBodyArmor.com.


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Gotta love Fiore

Mark Fiore took a shot at explaining the violence in Mexico: Gringo Guns.

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Consortium to Prevent School Violence

I’m proud to be affiliated with a new effort to prevent violence in schools. It’s the Consortium to Prevent School Violence and you can learn more about it by visiting its just-launched Web site.

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Guns run?

Yes, I’m slow on the uptake. Although I’ve been busy with other things, I missed this story and I shouldn’t’ve. In “Follow the guns: How did 14 firearms stolen in Charlottesville end up in the hands of New York police?: The Iron Pipeline,” a local reporter named Scott Weaver covered how gun purchases in one place turn out to be violent crimes in another. Sadly, the purchase place is near my home.

Mr. Weaver descibes how one burglary can lead to distribution of weapons in remote places. His story makes me think about how easy it is to get kids to value something. If significatn adults talk about getting a special (reliable, fast, shiney, capacious, etc.) car, kids will hear it and are likely to adopt the idea. If society treats possession of guns as a good thing, kids will seek guns.

I am not so much against guns themselves. I don’t want to hunt, but I understand that people can use guns to secure food. I won’t do it, but I’m not stopping others from doing it. People may have (and even venerate) guns. That’s not my concern. It’s not hunting or owning.

I get a lot more fretfull when the argument for possessing weapons becomes self-defense. The statistics on the numbers of family members injured by a weapon kept for “self-defense” vs. the numbers of bruglars captured or wounded by a person weilding a weapon kept for “self-defense” make me pause. Then, I want to know about the number of rapists or burglars detered by suspecting that their victims have guns or who see a vicitim clutching a gun gives me a very big reason to pause.

What are the data?

I have shot rifles at paper targets at YMCA camps under very controled circumstances. I know enough that, if it was handed to me, I would immediately check the trigger lock, the chamber, and otherwise take complete resposnibility for a gun. I’ve never owned, carried, or brandished a gun. My uncle Bill offered a couple of guns to me and said, “You know. Guns are for killing. If you don’t expect to kill with a gun, you don’t need it”; I suggested that his hunting rifles go to my brother.

Link to Mr. Weaver’s coverage of this violent matter.

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