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XKCD survey

http://xkcd.com/1572/. Complete it yourself. Pass it along to others.


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xkcd interogative

Over on Hugo-award-winning* Randall Munroe’s xkcd for today, there is the following delight, about which I have only one question: “What, no semi-colons?”

I guess perhaps this is some special style of query? There’re lots of other topics discussed on the forum for this comic even in the first few hours after it was posted.

* He won a 2014 Hugo Award for “Time,” which has been wonderfully serialized by James Pryor.

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Munroe on Engelbart and the Mother of All Demos

Randall Munroe on Douglas Engelbart

When I learned that Douglas Engelbart passed away 2 July, the next day I posted a note on my Google account to friends. I thought about posting something here as a more public acknowledgement, but let it slide. Now that that Randall Munroe has this marvelous bit available, I’m happy to echo it as a fitting tribute.

Is it time to watch the “Mother of All Demos” again? The Engelbart archives has it.

It’s also cool that this entry of xkcd is # 1234.

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Yay, grads!

clip from xkcd
Randall Munroe’s take on
post-secondary majors.

Over on XKCD (one of my all-time-fave cartoons), Randall Munroe has done it again. He’s produced another marvelous interpretation of the state of the world. Just while I’m finishing up the review of my students’ final exam work and am looking forward to commencement exercises, he’s rendered a cool commentary about higher education that comes flitting through my experience like a butterfly…or is it shooting through like a meteor…or cannonball?

Guide To This Post: (1) Read the XKCD cartoon. (2) Return here and then Continue reading

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xkcd on universities’ Web sites

It appeared a little while ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of date:
xkcd comic

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xkcd lesson

Leave it to Randall Munroe to show me a nifty arithmetic thing or two.

xkcd post #759
http://xkcd.com comic # 759

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XKCD again!

XKCD again!

XKCD makes me grin.

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