Mole Day!

Happy Mole Day! It’s the day to celebrate Avogadro’s Number (6.02 x 1023) from 6:02 AM to 6:02 PM…I guess in whatever time zone one finds oneself. It’s a rather weighty commemoration.



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Body Armor with School Spirit!

You know how important it is to be safe, right? With so many U. S. states enacting laws to permit guns on college campuses, folks might consider body armor…and why not body armor with a little school spirit? “Protect your student body!” Body armor emblazoned with the names of state universities of states promoting campus carry laws. What could be cooler?

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Happy birthday, Mr. Jefferson!

At the University of Virginia (U.Va.), today is called “Founder’s Day.”

At the same time that I temper my admiration for him with the knowledge that he kept people in bondage, bought and sold them, and abided their maltreatment, I also want to remember that Mr. Jefferson was among the principal architects—if not the lead author—of many socio-cultural, governmental, and philosophical constructs that I hold dear:

The  list could continue….And I very much appreciate these contributions to the commonweal. So, it’s a b’day worthy of celebration.


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At Representative Garrett’s town hall

I’m not an expert on estimating crowds, but I’d say there are a about 100 supporters of Mr. Garrett outside U.Va’s Garrett Hall. There are about 900-1000 protestors. It’s rainy.

There is a substantial number of folks working crowd control. Many are familiar yellow-clad folks from the firm that works sports and similar events. However, there are maybe three dozen VA state troopers and local officers here, too.


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A prime pi day

Silly: This year’s pi day is a prime pi day.

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HB, Professor Bond

Today is Julian Bond’s 77th birthday. He may not be able to hear me singing, but I’m going to do it, anyway. He may not hear me wishing, but I’m going to wish anyway. Happy birthday, anyway.

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Is Trump More About Media Attention than Policy?

I don’t know, but people are saying, people are talking about Trump these days…they are talking about him—Donald Trump—a lot, and these are people who know a thing or two, even his pals at Fox News,…they are talking about how he’s just, you know, I don’t know, playing the media. Even the Rush-kin said it, way back in December of 2015, saying that he was going to explain “how it is that Donald Trump owns the media.”

So, do you wonder if his campaign isn’t really about public policy, but more about airtime, clicks, audience? Do you think, maybe, he figures he wins if he loses and he wins if he wins? Laughing all the way to the bank?

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